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One of the best parts of working in academia is the ability to inspire students through teaching. My approach has always been based on the need to challenge and stimulate students, encouraging critical thinking and analytical engagement with current issues, and developing their practical skills. I use a broad range of methods like debates, engagement with non-academic actors, computer labs, etc. in order to promote inquiry-based learning and the development of students' analytical, communication, and transferable skills.

My teaching interests fall into three broad categories:

  1. Elections and campaigns
  2. Governance and policy making

  3. Quantitative research methods

I currently contribute to the following courses:

  • UG Level-2: British Party Politics

  • UG Level-2: How Voters Decide

  • UG Level-3: Dissertation

  • PGT: Dissertation


My previous teaching includes:

  • UG Level-1: British Politics: Consensus, Crisis and Coalition

  • UG Level-2: British Party Politics

  • UG Level-3: Public Opinion and Polling

  • UG and PGT: Internship Programme in British and European Politics

  • PGT: Comparative Governance and Public Policy

  • PGT: European Union Governance and Policy-Making

  • PGT: Research Methods

  • PGT: Quantitative Political Analysis

  • PGR: Intermediate Quantitative Analysis

Research supervision


I am happy to supervise students in the areas of elections, political campaigning, communication, and representation. This can be in context of British or comparative politics. I am open to supervising students using different methodological approaches, but my main expertise is in survey research and quantitative data analysis.

Previous research students:

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